Roanoke Valley (NC) Southern Christian Leadership Conference



The importance of early voting should not be taken lightly, nor should it be taken for granted.
Some of us have not always had the right to vote because of oppressive methods to intimidate or interfere with the voting process, i.e. voting literacy tests.
Some may not be aware of local civil rights efforts and struggles that played an important role in spurring legislation that enacted The Civil Rights Act of 1965.
One notable attorney, the late, James R. Walker, Jr., at the risk of his own life and career, fought for, and alongside,
local residents, such as, Northampton County native, Alexander Faison; Louise Lassiter; Halifax County native, Rev. Ernest Ivey; Bertie County native, Nancy Bazemore; and others, to protect their civil rights.
Attorney Walker fought locally and nationally for civil rights but never received the respect and recognition that was deserved for the true sacrifice he made on behalf of others.
This documentary is the beginning of an effort to not only reflect on the life of attorney James R. Walker, Jr., but to also highlight the efforts of other leaders who championed noble causes of others without a voice.
The Late James R. Walker, Jr. and many others gave their life to public service to fight for the rights of others and because of that there is no excuse for any not to exercise their right to vote. Don’t let voter apathy, intimidation, or anything else keep your voice from being heard. Your vote is your voice...Use it.
Rev. Dr. Charles McCollum, Sr., President of the Roanoke Valley SCLC, Dr. Pattie B. Cotton, Attorney T.T. Clayton and former voter literacy plaintiff, Alexander Faison formerly of Seaboard, NC, remembers The Late Attorney James R. Walker, Jr.